My Journalism

One September day in 1992, I got on a plane, almost blinded by tears, and flew from County Galway to London to take my place as a graduate trainee at Reuters. Eventually I stopped crying, stopped trembling when spoken to by editors, stopped worrying about money and started discovering worlds and people I had never suspected existed. Since then, I have worked with Reuters and The Associated Press in France, Spain, Britain, Ivory Coast and Senegal. I got to wear a pretty, if cheap, frock in Cannes, I hung out with football fanatics in Kabylie in Algeria, I spluttered my way through clouds of teargas in southern France, I fed chimps with bananas in Ivory Coast, and I watched Charles Taylor leave Liberia, suddenly frail and confused as he was shoved onto a plane, destination Nigeria.

After leaving Reuters in 2008, and taking some time to care for my sparky, sparkly daughters, I now freelance in Nairobi. I have written for The Guardian, MarketWatch, The Africa Report, and Open Skies. I also edit and proofread for magazines and individuals.

Sometimes editors still make me tremble.

Here are some links to my recent work:

Kenya on the cusp

Kenya peace film hits screens as tensions rise ahead of elections

Kenya peace project puts focus on talk and trust ahead of elections

Kenya: The Writing’s On The Wall

Alem Dechasa’s choice: an impossible decision and a lonely death

Kenyan graffiti artists step up battle against “vulture” politicians 

My other stories for the Guardian

Eric Wainaina sets Nairobi on “Faya”

Nairobi’s Luxury Hotels Jumping Into The Hot List

Cinema: Women in the Spotlight

Investors Eye Kenya Referendum, hope for easy vote 

Tinga Tinga puts Kenyan animation on the map


2 comments on “My Journalism

  1. Clar,
    Just finished your book “Rain falls on everyone” – brilliant sympathy for the characters without moralising, presenting the predicaments of living in a messed up world.
    The sense off place – Dublin, the West Coast and Kigali – alerted me, I was there.
    Can’t leave without mentioned the poetry of particular passages “…diamonds falling from the sky” to mention one among many.
    Thank God for publishers like Legend Press!!
    Best Wishes

    • Dear David,
      Thank you so much for your very kind words. It means so much to hear that you enjoyed Rain Falls. And yes, Legend Press are wonderful.
      All the very best,

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