I never thought I’d get my picture taken on a hill in Kenya’s Buffalo Springs Reserve. But then, life is funny like that.

It’s a long way from Finchley in London, where I was born too long ago to mention. Or as my daughters say “in the olden days”. I grew up in the West of Ireland, mainly in An Spideal, where I got a great education and a few complexes courtesy of the Sisters of Mercy. I left Ireland when I was 19, heading to London to join Reuters. Since then, I have worked in Madrid, Paris, Abidjan, Dakar and now Nairobi. It’s been a mad trip so far. This site is a collection of my recent journalism and pictures. For my fiction scribblings, you can go to An Leac, but don’t get too excited now! It’s a work in progress. And if you want to know what it feels like to be part of the Irish diaspora today, you can always check out my short piece on Roots and Ribbons.

I’ll try to keep this site updated, but I’m not making any promises – things have a habit of spinning out of control in our house. I blame the preponderance of pink. Mainly, I’m just delighted that you can make a name as difficult as mine into a Web page.



Contact: clarnichonghaile@gmail.com


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