2 comments on “Keep calm and carry on writing

  1. Hello, Clar Ni.

    I’m a “development communicator” (work at CIMMYT). I was looking for emails to Guardian correspondents to pitch a story, and stumbled upon your page and this thoughtful blog.

    Quick / simple comments (I gotta get back to work!): It’s a real mistake I believe to pursue ethnic, genetic or ideological purity — road to decay and pretty bloody boring. I love Paul Simon’s Graceland (though I doubt we all will be received). Finally, it’s very sad that ugali is being replaced by convenience foods in Nairobi (oops…that’s a different blog…sorry!).

    All the best!

    • Thanks Mike. Glad you like the blog, and thanks for taking the time to read it. I no longer work for the Guardian — taking some time out to work on the novel. Tho clearly still spending too much time looking at Twitter etc. Fraid I never really got into ugali! More of an alloco fan myself!
      All the best,

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